Another Hint

Yes, we did tease you alittle with the May calendar.  We could just tell you who it is but that is no fun!  Here is another pic to give you a better guess! 

Who’s that Girl?

In one of our mask sets, our model puts on a blonde wig along with sheer energy pantyhose under and a pair of black pattern hose on top. Can you guess which model it is?

New Models Coming!!

word gets around and we have had more wonderful ladies that love pantyhose and want to pose. Here are a few of our upcoming models, Adrianna, Angelina and Jasmine.

New Models and Sets are Coming!

It seems more women like pantyhose than you thought! Here are a few of our new models Jasmine, Vespera and Catalina along with leggy Olivia. Which picture do you like best?

Guest Model!

Because we only use amatuer models, we have sample shoots with many different women. Here is one of those shoots. Tell us what you think! Should we have her back?

Models Down Time

We have alot of fun at the photoshoots but they can be long. When models have down time, they like to keep themselves occupied. You can see them texting, on facebook or grabbing a snack.