We have been doing a lot of work for a pantyhose manufacturer. They contacted us about doing some sets for their products. Tell us what you think about our new model and the pantyhose she is wearing. They are super sheer pantyhose, no lycra, 100% nylon and fit perfect.

Actsensuous Pantyhose















Layered Leilani

Leilani just can’t get enough pantyhose! She fell in love with these Conte Reinforced toe pantyhose but also wanted to wear sheer energy!

Sheer and Yesenia

There is something about when these two get together. You can feel the heat and not just from the sizzle of the pantyhose! Here, Sheer in a sheer pair of DKNY and Yesenia a shiny pair of Peavey

Mile High with Olivia

Our leggy model, Olivia, slides into a flight attendant costume for Halloween. With those sexy legs and feet in sheer, coffee pantyhose, I don’t think you need coffee, tea, nuts or a meal on this flight!

Sheer with a Mercedes

In this set, Sheer lives up to her name. She picked out a cute, professional outfit to pose with this Mercedes. She wore Donna Karan business sheer hose that were 10 den and super delicate!

Vespera in a Purple Dress and Sniny Brown Tights

With all the lines and curves on Vespera, this purple dress and shiny Liz Claiborne tights looks so sexy on her. Out at the park with the sun on her face and legs made her want to pose even more!

Sheer and Yesenia have Fun on the Couch

These two just love to pose together! When we do a shoot and both Sheer and Yesenia are there, it is impossible to do separate sets because they just want to be together. Here, Sheer is in sheer Givenchy pantyhose and Yesenia in Liz Claiborne ribbed tights.

Nylon and Princess having fun in the bedroom

Two of our cutest girls, Nylon and Princess, put on pantyhose together. They get so turned on, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Princess in sheer black pantyhose and Nylon in brown opaque patterned tights.

Mylani in Black with Givenchy Body Gleamer Pantyhose

Here is another candidate for a dress to wear to the New Years Party. This dress with Givenchy Body Gleamer pantyhose didn’t win but the reinforced toes on Mylani’s petite feet are definitely super sexy!

Sheer in Shiny Peavey and a Blue Dress

Curvy, shapely Sheer looks super sexy in these shiny Peavey tights in coffee bean. With this tight blue dress, you can see all the lines and curves in Sheer’s hot body!