Too Cute

Cute can be sexy. Olivia, with her freckles and smile, looks so cute. Put her in this cute little outfit wearing sheer tan pantyhose with gray sheer leggings and you get cute and sexy!

Compact Queen

This is Jasmine. She is a friend of one of our models and wanted to do a shoot. She is a firely little Latina spark plug with great legs and feet. How could we say no to putting her in these gray tights?

Jasmine Morning

This is a girl that is friends with one of our models. She came along for a photo shoot and wanted to model so bad! She picked out this sweater dress, argyle tights and cute flats. She has curvy legs!

Nadia Rocks!

More form the summer at the park theme. Here Nadia wears some playfull striped tights and heads to the park. We get to see her sexy legs and feet all over

October Calendar

If you are ready for fall, so is Olivia. She is in her sweater dress, purple tights and at the park.

Yesenia & Sheer Together

When ever we put Yesenia and Sheer together, we get sizzle! Pun intended! Here Sheer is in her shocking pink tights and Yesenia in her favorite sheer energy

Olivia in Purple

Here, Olivia is in a charcoal sweater dress, cute little tiger stripe flats and sexy purple tights. The purple tights just hugged her feet and legs, showing off her succulent feet

Olivia in Soft Gray Tights

Leggy Olivia looks great in anything but when she slipped on this sweater dress and heather gray tights, she just looked scrumptuous. Those little feet in those gray hose just look so delicious!

Fun at the Bowling Alley and Arcade!

Nadia, Sheer and Yesenia go bowling! After letting them loose on the lanes, the head to the arcade for some shooting, driving, dancing and Guitar games. They even take the camera into the bathroom!

Olivia Pops her Cherry!

In a set from the summer, Olivia models her cute cherry summer dress with a pair of Calvin Klein pantyhose in red. With those long legs and painted toes, she is just perfect for pantyhose!