Tutu Much!

Mylani and Yesenia just had to have these little girl tutus when we saw them in the store. Mylani chose white tights to go with her tutu. Of course, Yesenia had to do layers with sheer energy under and black fishnet on top!

From the Latest Shoot

We just did a great shoot two days ago with Yesenia. She got super excited when I told her about the new Conte pantyhose we got in and the new clothes. She just just couldn’t wait to shoot and she was in a very playful mood as you can see from the pics!

Fishnets for Yesenia

I guess you could call Yesenia the fishnet queen. If we let her, she would wear fishnets in every shoot! Over her sheer energy of course. We have to give in every now and then to buy her some fishnets and let her pose. What do you think, more fishnets or less?

Group Shot!

When we asked Nadia, Yesenia and Leilani if they wanted to pose together, they jumped at the idea! Nadia and Leilaini love patterned hose so we made this a patterned hose shoot.