Leilani and Yesenia Get Hot!

These are our two models that love pantyhose the most. They always get exctied for a shoot to see all the new pantyhose and tights. Here, Yesenia can’t wait to slip on these patterned gray tights and pose with Leilani

Sexy Real Estate Agent

Here is another theme shoot. Nadia and Nikita have some fun acting out being the sexy real estate lady showing the college girl a new apartment. Nadia is in layers of pantyhose with a sexy skirt and heels. Nikita looks so cute in her Sheer Energy pantyhose and sandals

September Calendar

Yes, it is September and time to go back to school! Here, Teacher Sheer and Nurse Yesenia have to drage poor Schoolgirl Nadia out of bed and back to school!

Yesenia & Sheer Together

When ever we put Yesenia and Sheer together, we get sizzle! Pun intended! Here Sheer is in her shocking pink tights and Yesenia in her favorite sheer energy


Nylon is a cute, petite girl. So cute, there could not be another like her? Well, she has a twin sister! In this set, you see her twin sister posing with her. A very hot set!

Leilani and Yesenia in the Living Room

These ladies our the biggest hose fans.  Here, they both put on cute little outfits with Yesenia in simple black tights and Leilani in her favorite DIM pantyhose with reinforced toes.  It’s apparent these girls can’t keep their hands off each other when they slide on pantyhose!

Triple Play

Here, three of the girls, Olivia, Sheer and Yesenia, get together for a shoot.  They love to pose together and it does not take long for them to have thier hands and feet all over each other. 

Nadia and Yesenia Take a Dip in the Pool

On a hot day, there is nothing like pantyhose and a swimming pool! Here, Nadia lays out by the pool and dips her feet in while Yesenia dives in and lounges on the float in sheer energy pantyhose.

Leilani and Yesenia Welcome Spring

The return on the warmth and sun bring out Leilani and Yesenia. They put on spring outfits with tan pantyhose and have fun at the park.

Sheer and Yesenia have Fun on the Couch

These two just love to pose together! When we do a shoot and both Sheer and Yesenia are there, it is impossible to do separate sets because they just want to be together. Here, Sheer is in sheer Givenchy pantyhose and Yesenia in Liz Claiborne ribbed tights.