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Who Wants our Model’s Pantyhose?

Yes, that is right, we are selling the pantyhose our models used in thier shoots. We will be auctioning them off on ebay. Until then, tell us which model you want to buy most ;)

Leilani in RHT Stockings

Leilani has great legs and feet. The kind made for RHT stockings. In this set, she wears black RHT stockings with a cuban heel over sheer energy pantyhose

Layered Leilani

Leilani just can’t get enough pantyhose! She fell in love with these Conte Reinforced toe pantyhose but also wanted to wear sheer energy!

Lovely Leilani

Here, Leilani just stops by for a visit. She didn’t intend to shoot that day. Of course, she was in her sheer energy pantyhose. I just had to grab the camera

Opaque at the Park

Even though we were doing a summer shoot, Leilani could not pass up these tights with this outfit. Something about her legs and feet in hose in the sun is so special

Striped Leotard

Leilani dons a striped leotard and sheer black top with her black pantyhose and poses on the bed. Doesn’t she just have the greatest legs and feet!

More Changing Tights

This is part of an ongoing series of Leilani. She comes home from shopping with a bag full of pantyhose and tights. She tries them on over her Sheer Energy and finds the perfect shoes for each pair!

Conte at the Park

Leilani goes for a walk in the park wering her shiny Conte pantyhose with reinforced toe. She relaxes and puts her feet up. We all thank her for that! ;)

November Wallpaper

With the months quickly flying by, here is Leilani relaxing on the couch in her Conte reinforced toe pantyhose