New Round of Pantyhose Sales!

by Kimmy in Mylani, Nadia, Olivia, Yesenia

The first auction with Mylani’s pantyhose went so well, we are putting more pantyhose up for sale! These pantyhose are bagged right after the shoots. Here is the link to the ebay acution.   Models pantyhose!  Mylani, Nadia, Olivia and Yesenia

Selling Mylani’s pantyhose!

by Kimmy in Black pantyhose, Mylani

The auction is up! Who else to start with than Mylani. Her legs in those shiny black peaveys are our trademark. Here is the auction.  Mylani’s Peaveys

Ready for Sale

by Kimmy in Mylani

Here are the models pantyhose packaged and ready! Keep an eye out for links to ebay auctions

Who Wants our Model’s Pantyhose?

Yes, that is right, we are selling the pantyhose our models used in thier shoots. We will be auctioning them off on ebay. Until then, tell us which model you want to buy most ;)

Tutu Much!

Mylani and Yesenia just had to have these little girl tutus when we saw them in the store. Mylani chose white tights to go with her tutu. Of course, Yesenia had to do layers with sheer energy under and black fishnet on top!

Mylani as Red Riding Hood

Our smallest model was perfect for Little Red Riding Hood. She wore pristine white tights but seems to have gotten her feet dirty on the way to Grandma’s!

Madame Butterfly

Our little flower Mylani picked out these butterfly tights with this outfit. She is just so dainty and scrumptuous, you can eat her up!

August Calender

For the end of summer, here is Mylani in a light, summer dress and white CK pantyhose.

Mylani, White on black

Asian lovely Mylani puts on this clingy white dress with great sheer pantyhose and high heels.  Posing on black satin sheets really bring out the sizzle in this shoot!

Red Mylani

This was a dress Mylani brought with her. She just wore it out the night before and love the reactions she got. Pair it with a pair of smokey tan pantyhose and black heels giving us a winning combination!