Who Wants our Model’s Pantyhose?

Yes, that is right, we are selling the pantyhose our models used in thier shoots. We will be auctioning them off on ebay. Until then, tell us which model you want to buy most ;)

Summer Sun

Nothing like the warm sun on your hose! In this case, the more hose, the better! Here, Nikita has on a pair of nude pantyhose under a pair of white leggings. She looks hot and not because of the temperature!

Nikita Black Leather

What do you call a hottie in black with patterned tights on a black leather sofa? Well, we call her Nikita! ;)

Park Afternoon

Two of our lovely models, Nikita and Nadia, hang out at the park. They both have on reinforced toe Conte pantyhose with Nikita in white leggings too. Such a beautiful sight!

The Pantyhose Police

Our tiny Nikita won’t make cop of the year. She manages to handcuff herself to a stool! But as a pantyhose goddess, she does that just fine in her black Peavey’s

A Day at the Beach

Nothing like the sun, sand, ocean and pantyhose! Nakita slides into a Speedo and shiny peavey pantyhose for a day on the beach.

Nikita in Fogal

Nikita is wearing a white maxi dress and sandal to the park in this set. They match her white Fogal tights with pink flowers. The tights and her legs are perfect!

Sexy Real Estate Agent

Here is another theme shoot. Nadia and Nikita have some fun acting out being the sexy real estate lady showing the college girl a new apartment. Nadia is in layers of pantyhose with a sexy skirt and heels. Nikita looks so cute in her Sheer Energy pantyhose and sandals

Nylon and Nikita at the Park

This is a simple set with Nylon in Leggs Sheer Energy and Nikita in a cute pair of Fogal tights. They girls just lay out, under the sun, on a blanket in the park and show us thier legs and feet

Nikita in a Red Dress and Conte

Conte is a great European brand of pantyhose and tights. They really understand the reinforced toe. Nikita fell in love with this dress and these pantyhose!