Green Envy

Green is the color of envy and with Yesenia in these black tights, many girls envy her legs!

Black Patterned

You have to admit, Olivia’s legs and feet look stunning in these black patterened tights. She looks like the girl in the office you want to run into over and over

Compact Queen

This is Jasmine. She is a friend of one of our models and wanted to do a shoot. She is a firely little Latina spark plug with great legs and feet. How could we say no to putting her in these gray tights?

Yesenia Black

Just something about opaque, black tights. they really bring out the lines of the legs and feet!

Jasmine Morning

This is a girl that is friends with one of our models. She came along for a photo shoot and wanted to model so bad! She picked out this sweater dress, argyle tights and cute flats. She has curvy legs!

Nadia Rocks!

More form the summer at the park theme. Here Nadia wears some playfull striped tights and heads to the park. We get to see her sexy legs and feet all over

Opaque at the Park

Even though we were doing a summer shoot, Leilani could not pass up these tights with this outfit. Something about her legs and feet in hose in the sun is so special

Bedroom Eyes

Yesenia just loves to be in the bed with satin sheets and pantyhose. Here, she is wearing her standard sheer energy under a pair of black tights with bows. Just so delicious!

Shiny and Sparkly Yesenia

Yesenia is dazzling no matter what but when she decided to wear sparkle tights with this shiny silver dress and heels, it became even sweeter! She was in a posing mood for this shoot!

More Changing Tights

This is part of an ongoing series of Leilani. She comes home from shopping with a bag full of pantyhose and tights. She tries them on over her Sheer Energy and finds the perfect shoes for each pair!