June Wallpaper

For June, we went with one of our new models. She has great legs and feet in her Leggs sheer energy pantyhose

Green Envy

Green is the color of envy and with Yesenia in these black tights, many girls envy her legs!

Compact Queen

This is Jasmine. She is a friend of one of our models and wanted to do a shoot. She is a firely little Latina spark plug with great legs and feet. How could we say no to putting her in these gray tights?

Carqueen Yesenia

In this set, Yesenia is in just a pair of tan Sheer Energy and poses in a car. It was a cold day but she seemed to make everything hot!

Wedding Dresses

Here, Nadia and Adrianna are going to a wedding. Seeing these outfits, I had to get a few pics before they left.

Jasmine Morning

This is a girl that is friends with one of our models. She came along for a photo shoot and wanted to model so bad! She picked out this sweater dress, argyle tights and cute flats. She has curvy legs!

Nadia Rocks!

More form the summer at the park theme. Here Nadia wears some playfull striped tights and heads to the park. We get to see her sexy legs and feet all over

Opaque at the Park

Even though we were doing a summer shoot, Leilani could not pass up these tights with this outfit. Something about her legs and feet in hose in the sun is so special

More Sheer Summer

Continuing our Summer theme, here is Sheer in a bright, colorful sundress and shiny, sheer energy pantyhose. Love pantyhose and the outdoors!

Summer Sun

Nothing like the warm sun on your hose! In this case, the more hose, the better! Here, Nikita has on a pair of nude pantyhose under a pair of white leggings. She looks hot and not because of the temperature!