Leilani and Yesenia in the Living Room

These ladies our the biggest hose fans.  Here, they both put on cute little outfits with Yesenia in simple black tights and Leilani in her favorite DIM pantyhose with reinforced toes.  It’s apparent these girls can’t keep their hands off each other when they slide on pantyhose!

Vespera in Danskin

Curvy, voluptuous Vespera slipped on these Danskin ultra shimmery tights and a white shirt for this shoot.  This girl has some real curves!  She puts on a pair of patterned black hose over her shiny tights at the end of the shoot

Vespera in a Purple Dress and Sniny Brown Tights

With all the lines and curves on Vespera, this purple dress and shiny Liz Claiborne tights looks so sexy on her. Out at the park with the sun on her face and legs made her want to pose even more!

Leilani goes Hose Shopping!

In the first part of this photo series, Leilani comes back from a day of tights shopping. Loving hose so much, she can’t wait to try them on and pick out the best shoes to match! For the foot lovers, this will be the series you fall in love with! ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day from PND and Mylani!

What more could you ask for? Roses, champagne, Mylani and shiny peavey pantyhose! Mylani spilled champagne on her pantyhose. Anyone want to lick it off? ;)

Mylani au Natural!

When Mylani did this shoot without make up, it would difficult to tell if she was any less beautiful. No matter what, you can’t miss her sexy legs and delicious feet in her shiny white pantyhose!

Leilani in Sheer Energy

Cute, lovable Leilani slides her shapely feet and legs into shiny Sheer Energy and shows off her best side!

February Wallpaper

Ready for Valentine’s Day, here is Mylani in the bedroom with candles, champagne and roses. But the most important thing is shiny peavey pantyhose!

Nadia Taking Pics

Nadia is not just a sensual model but a talented photographer. When she is taking pics of Yesenia in this shoot, I was taking pics of her. Her legs look so hot in those shiny peavey pantyhose!

Fun at the Bowling Alley and Arcade!

Nadia, Sheer and Yesenia go bowling! After letting them loose on the lanes, the head to the arcade for some shooting, driving, dancing and Guitar games. They even take the camera into the bathroom!