Leilani in RHT Stockings

Leilani has great legs and feet. The kind made for RHT stockings. In this set, she wears black RHT stockings with a cuban heel over sheer energy pantyhose

Sheer and Yesenia in Lingerie

Our two pantyhose hotties wanted to model their new sheer lingerie. After putting on pantyhose and stockings, Sheer and Yesenia slipped on the lingerie and started the shoot. Things quickly got steamy during this shoot!

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is probably the time of year most pantyhose lovers look forward to! The time where you can see more women (and some men) wear pantyhose that normally don’t. Here are a couple sneak peeks at some of our costume shoots.

Yesenia in White Lingerie

The sexy Yesenia looks smokin hot in black and white! Black and white lingerie and pictures!  Many of these pics are extremely artistic.  They were shot by the lovely and talented Nadia!  Not just pantyhose models but super talented!

Mylani and Yesenia at the Park

Mylani and Yesenia have some fun at the park.  Mylani has a smoke wearing her Peavey’s and Yesenia shows off her cute butt while wearing white stockings over her Sheer Energy