We have been doing a lot of work for a pantyhose manufacturer. They contacted us about doing some sets for their products. Tell us what you think about our new model and the pantyhose she is wearing. They are super sheer pantyhose, no lycra, 100% nylon and fit perfect.

Actsensuous Pantyhose















Lovely Leilani

Here, Leilani just stops by for a visit. She didn’t intend to shoot that day. Of course, she was in her sheer energy pantyhose. I just had to grab the camera

Sheer in Chinese Dress

Here is the voluptuous Sheer in a red silk Chinese dress and sheer black pantyhose. Her legs and feet look so HOT in sheer black

Nadia Red Leggings

Nadia slips on a pair of red leggings over her reinforced toe tan pantyhose

Yesenia’s Party Dress

The lovely Yesenia kicks off her heels and relaxes in this cute party dress and black patterned tights. Of course she has Sheer Energy underneath

Skullcrusher Sheer!

Sheer just has those athletic legs and feet with great lines and curves! She is in a silver sparkly dress and Leggs Sheer energy. Her skin gives a gret look to the shiny sheer energy

Secretary Nadia

How would Nadia be as your secretary? Well she would wear pantyhose everyday and tease you by dangling her shoes off her reinforced toe hosed feet. Guess you could get some work done! ;)


Nothing goes better together than racequeens and shiny pantyhose! No models go together better than Nylon and our new model, Bri. Here, they are racequeens with Sheer Energy pantyhose. You ready to race?

Welcome Bri

Bri is a new model that has very tones, athletic legs. She loves to show them off in these patterned hose.

November Wallpaper

With the months quickly flying by, here is Leilani relaxing on the couch in her Conte reinforced toe pantyhose