The IN-DG Girls

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This is a character list for our comic site

Pantyhose Collection

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Some have wanted to see the pantyhose collection we use at PND.  There are lots in the collection.  Sometimes, for a shoot, picking out the right pantyhose or tights for a shoot takes the longest time!  We have them arranged in bins.  There are Neutrals, Blacks, colors, funky and large pantyhose bins.  There are too many to shoot all in one shot so here you have each bin.

Pick the Legs

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Tell us what y

ou think

The Pantyhose Police

Our tiny Nikita won’t make cop of the year. She manages to handcuff herself to a stool! But as a pantyhose goddess, she does that just fine in her black Peavey’s

Red Mylani

This was a dress Mylani brought with her. She just wore it out the night before and love the reactions she got. Pair it with a pair of smokey tan pantyhose and black heels giving us a winning combination!

June Calendar

Here is our newest model, Nikita, in a pair of Fogal tights. They were perfect for her white maxi dress, sandals and the park.

Leilani in Sheer Energy

Cute, lovable Leilani slides her shapely feet and legs into shiny Sheer Energy and shows off her best side!

Leilani in DIM and Sheer Energy

Here is a set with Leilani and Nadia! Leilani loves DIM pantyhose and slipped them on over her sheer energy. Nadia was taking pics in this set too. They are both so talented!

Racequeens Yesenia and Sheer

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When we got in these costume, Yesenia and Sheer couldn’t wait to get into them with sheer energy and pose with the cars! What is hotter, the Audi, Corvette, Mustang or our models!?