Who Wants our Model’s Pantyhose?

Yes, that is right, we are selling the pantyhose our models used in thier shoots. We will be auctioning them off on ebay. Until then, tell us which model you want to buy most ;)

Vespera in Black Lace and Pink

Curvy, fiesty young Vespera loved this black dress with lace and pink. She felt these black polka-dot pantyhose matched perfectly with this outfit. Did she make the right choice?

Vespera in Danskin

Curvy, voluptuous Vespera slipped on these Danskin ultra shimmery tights and a white shirt for this shoot.  This girl has some real curves!  She puts on a pair of patterned black hose over her shiny tights at the end of the shoot

Vespera in a Purple Dress and Sniny Brown Tights

With all the lines and curves on Vespera, this purple dress and shiny Liz Claiborne tights looks so sexy on her. Out at the park with the sun on her face and legs made her want to pose even more!

Curvy Vespera in Black Latex and Shiny Tights

Our newest model, Vespera, is super curvy! Shapely legs, tiny waist and a large chest make her so sexy! Once she put on this black latex dress and Danskin Ultra Shimmery tights, we could see this would make a hot set!

A New, Cute, Curvy Model Vespera

We always try to add new models and Vespera is the latest. She is funny, smart and has great shape! Not only does she have great curves in her body but look at those shapley legs and feet!