We have been doing a lot of work for a pantyhose manufacturer. They contacted us about doing some sets for their products. Tell us what you think about our new model and the pantyhose she is wearing. They are super sheer pantyhose, no lycra, 100% nylon and fit perfect.

Actsensuous Pantyhose















Playboy Yesenia

When she put on these white and pink Playboy tights, Yesenia automatically thought she was a centerfold! Do you think she could make it in Playboy? ;)

White Yesenia

Yesenia looks so sexy in this black dress with white pantyhose. And yes, if you look close, you can see she has on Sheer Energy under!

Wedding Dresses

Here, Nadia and Adrianna are going to a wedding. Seeing these outfits, I had to get a few pics before they left.

February Calendar

For February, we chose Olivia in a great Valentine’s shoot. No need for candy with Olivia’s hosed feet and legs around!

Summer Sun

Nothing like the warm sun on your hose! In this case, the more hose, the better! Here, Nikita has on a pair of nude pantyhose under a pair of white leggings. She looks hot and not because of the temperature!

More Changing Tights

This is part of an ongoing series of Leilani. She comes home from shopping with a bag full of pantyhose and tights. She tries them on over her Sheer Energy and finds the perfect shoes for each pair!

Mylani as Red Riding Hood

Our smallest model was perfect for Little Red Riding Hood. She wore pristine white tights but seems to have gotten her feet dirty on the way to Grandma’s!

Nikita in Fogal

Nikita is wearing a white maxi dress and sandal to the park in this set. They match her white Fogal tights with pink flowers. The tights and her legs are perfect!

September Calendar

Yes, it is September and time to go back to school! Here, Teacher Sheer and Nurse Yesenia have to drage poor Schoolgirl Nadia out of bed and back to school!