The Leggy Olivia

by Kimmy in Brown pantyhose, Olivia

Olivia is a dream to leg and foot lovers. She has the longest, sexiest legs and can get in the hottest poses! Although Olivia is our tallest model, she stil has the smallest feet! And what deliciously cute feet they are!  What hose would she look best in?

Mylani in a Red Dress and Peavey

Mylani is a petite but firery! She loves Peavey’s and here she is in black. In every set, you can see her showing off her legs, feet and painted toenails! What do you think about toenails, painted or plain?

Yesenia in Pink Lingerie


The lovley Yesenia is in cool stocking pantyhose and pink lingerie.  She loves pantyhose that look like stockings.  What do you think?

Nadia in a Black Dress and Sheer Energy

by Kimmy in Nadia, Shiny pantyhose

Here is the lovely, talented Nadia. She is not only a model but a photographer that takes the best pictures! Here you can see her petite body with killer legs, sweet feet and a curvy butt!  Do you think Nadia should be in front of the camera modeling or behind the camera taking pics?

Leilani in Leggs Sheer Energy Navy

by Kimmy in Leilani, Shiny pantyhose

Leilani loves her pantyhose and Sheer Energy are one of her favorites!  Do you think Lelani should wear more shiny pantyhose like these Sheer Energy?