Lovely Yesenia in Dim Glossy

Yesenia is quickly becoming a pantyhose queen! Her goal it to try on every kind of pantyhose made in the world! How does she look in these Dim Sublim Naturals?

Y stands for Yoga! And Yesenia!

If you wanted to know how sexy Yesenia gets in all those terrific poses, it’s because she does yoga! We asked her to put on some tights and a leotard then just do her yoga while we took pics. Shall we shoot another one of her yoga workouts?

Some Animal Magnitism between Olivia and Yesenia

As you can tell from some of our other sets, Yesenia loves to pose with the other girls. When Olivia put on her tiger pantyhose in this shoot, you could feel the temperature in the room go up! In this shoot is legs, legs, legs!

Introducing Sheer!

Let’s give a big welcome to Sheer! Sheer is a great girl that loves pantyhose. You will fall in love with her just like Yesenia did! In their first shoot together, Yesenia couldn’t resist being all over Sheer in her bodystocking! Can you blame her?

Yesenia and Mylani have Peavey Fun

When doing a shoot with Yesenia and Mylani, you never know what they are going to do. Neither one is shy! Mylani loves Peavey and convinced Yesenia to wear the same for this shoot. Can you tell Mylani was happy?

Fishnets for Yesenia

I guess you could call Yesenia the fishnet queen. If we let her, she would wear fishnets in every shoot! Over her sheer energy of course. We have to give in every now and then to buy her some fishnets and let her pose. What do you think, more fishnets or less?

Petite Mylani in DKNY

Mylani is just a little cutie in her DKNY Sheer Lustre! She has such petite feet and always has her toenails painted. When she poses on her tippy toes, it looks like she can just float away!

Nadia loves Patterns!

Yes, you will see Nadia in sheer and shiny hose in many sets. But Nadia LOVES her patterned tights. If they are black tights with a sexy pattern, she can’t wait to slip them on! Do you like her in patterned tights?

Gray Dress and Peavey for Mylani

by Kimmy in Mylani, Shiny pantyhose

Our petite beauty Mylani models a gray dress with her favorite pantyhose, Peavey! Does she look better in heels or just her hosed feet with painted toenails?

Group Shot!

When we asked Nadia, Yesenia and Leilani if they wanted to pose together, they jumped at the idea! Nadia and Leilaini love patterned hose so we made this a patterned hose shoot.