Happy Halloween from PND, Yesenia and Olivia

We want to teach you about the birds and the bees. Well, the bunnies and the bees! Yesenia in her pink bunny costume and Olivia as a cute bee with her wing, tail and leg warmers!

Happy Halloween from PND and Nylon!

Nylon loved this harem girl costume! Once she slipped in on with her coffee Peavey’s, she felt so mysterious and exotic! She wore the same Peavey’s to a Halloween party with a Hooter’s uniform! That will be for next years shoot! ;)

Leilani in DIM and Sheer Energy

Here is a set with Leilani and Nadia! Leilani loves DIM pantyhose and slipped them on over her sheer energy. Nadia was taking pics in this set too. They are both so talented!

Sheer and Yesenia in Lingerie

Our two pantyhose hotties wanted to model their new sheer lingerie. After putting on pantyhose and stockings, Sheer and Yesenia slipped on the lingerie and started the shoot. Things quickly got steamy during this shoot!

Petite, Beautiful Mylani in Coffee Peavey

Sweet Mylani is so delicate and tiny but is also energetic and firey! She loves her Peavey’s! She has started back to the gym. There is a rumor of a gorgeous Asian girl in shiny tights running through the locker room!

A Day at the Park

When the weather is nice, our girls love to head to the park. Leilani, Nylon and Sheer all put on cute outfits, pantyhose and heels to hang out. After the park, to the restaurant for Chinese food!

Sheer in her Tiger Tattoo at the Park

Here are a few pics from the set at the park. Sheer was showing off her tiger tattoo pantyhose with Nylon and Leilani.  She is just so hot and sexy!  You will see these pantyhose again for Sheer’s halloween shoot!

Guest Model!

Because we only use amatuer models, we have sample shoots with many different women. Here is one of those shoots. Tell us what you think! Should we have her back?

Exotic Mylani in a Black Dress and Cette

Mylani usually wears Peavey but just loved these Cette Panama 15 den pantyhose. They were not as shiny as her Peavey but do show off her pretty painted nails. They were not as durable either and ran! :(

The Ladies at the Park

There’s nothing like a day in the park in pantyhose and heels!  Here our girls Leilani, Nylon, Nadia and Yesenia frolic in the park.  Nadia brings her camera to get so juicy shots!