February Wallpaper

Ready for Valentine’s Day, here is Mylani in the bedroom with candles, champagne and roses. But the most important thing is shiny peavey pantyhose!

Nadia Taking Pics

Nadia is not just a sensual model but a talented photographer. When she is taking pics of Yesenia in this shoot, I was taking pics of her. Her legs look so hot in those shiny peavey pantyhose!

Curvy Vespera in Black Latex and Shiny Tights

Our newest model, Vespera, is super curvy! Shapely legs, tiny waist and a large chest make her so sexy! Once she put on this black latex dress and Danskin Ultra Shimmery tights, we could see this would make a hot set!

Fun at the Bowling Alley and Arcade!

Nadia, Sheer and Yesenia go bowling! After letting them loose on the lanes, the head to the arcade for some shooting, driving, dancing and Guitar games. They even take the camera into the bathroom!

Who’s that Girl?

In one of our mask sets, our model puts on a blonde wig along with sheer energy pantyhose under and a pair of black pattern hose on top. Can you guess which model it is?

New Models Coming!!

word gets around and we have had more wonderful ladies that love pantyhose and want to pose. Here are a few of our upcoming models, Adrianna, Angelina and Jasmine.

Mylani in Black with Givenchy Body Gleamer Pantyhose

Here is another candidate for a dress to wear to the New Years Party. This dress with Givenchy Body Gleamer pantyhose didn’t win but the reinforced toes on Mylani’s petite feet are definitely super sexy!

Blue Dress and Peavey for Mylani

Exotic Mylani looks stunning in this sexy blue dress and shiny black pantyhose. Her feet are always hot with her toenails painted. Can you see it thru her shiny black Peavey’s?

Olivia in a Sweater Dress and Ribbed Tights

Leggy Olivia loves ribbed tights. It reminds her of her school uniform when she wore tights everyday to school. You never saw Olivia with socks in her uniform, tights only! ;)

January Wallpaper!

Here is your new wallpaper with Mylani dressed in her boots, sweater dress and warm, patterned tights! Happy New Year