April Calendar

Here is your calendar for April.  Nadia could not wait to show off her legs in these white Fogal tights.  She is wearing a Jessica Simpson dress and yellow flats, ready for Spring!

Triple Play

Here, three of the girls, Olivia, Sheer and Yesenia, get together for a shoot.  They love to pose together and it does not take long for them to have thier hands and feet all over each other. 

Nadia Behind the Scenes

Nadia is a great photographer but just loves to model too!  In this set, she was just supposed to take pics but wanted to get infront of the camera.  This gives you a little behind the scenes look at pics before be get to edit them. 

Nadia and Yesenia at the Shore

Sunny and warm, Nadia and Yesenia show off their summer dresses, hats and pantyhose!  Here, Nadia was wearing Victoria’s Secret Seamless Sensations and looking sexy as ever.  Yesenia slips off her shoes in the car for alittle nylon foot teasing

Mylani in Green

Sensuous, sophisticated Mylani slips into this shiny green cocktail dress and strappy heels with sheer energy pantyhose.  Her long, black hair really makes this dress look special!  And Mylani always has her toes painted and perfect in her pantyhose!

Nadia and Yesenia Take a Dip in the Pool

On a hot day, there is nothing like pantyhose and a swimming pool! Here, Nadia lays out by the pool and dips her feet in while Yesenia dives in and lounges on the float in sheer energy pantyhose.

Mylani lets her Hair Down

Our petite pantyhose goddess Mylani is in a silver lame dress, glittery white pantyhose and her black Manolo Blahnik heels. Her hair was up for the party but could not wait to come home, let her hair down and slip her heels off!

Leilani and Yesenia Welcome Spring

The return on the warmth and sun bring out Leilani and Yesenia. They put on spring outfits with tan pantyhose and have fun at the park.

Olivia in Soft Gray Tights

Leggy Olivia looks great in anything but when she slipped on this sweater dress and heather gray tights, she just looked scrumptuous. Those little feet in those gray hose just look so delicious!

Vespera in a Purple Dress and Sniny Brown Tights

With all the lines and curves on Vespera, this purple dress and shiny Liz Claiborne tights looks so sexy on her. Out at the park with the sun on her face and legs made her want to pose even more!