Nadia in a White Pencil Skirt

Nadia is getting ready to go into the business world. She will be going on lots of interviews. To get ready, she has been testing out professional outfits. Here, Nadia wears a black and white pencil skirt with an opaque pair of white Peavey tights.

Vespera in Black Lace and Pink

Curvy, fiesty young Vespera loved this black dress with lace and pink. She felt these black polka-dot pantyhose matched perfectly with this outfit. Did she make the right choice?

Mylani in Red with Black Peavey

Is it possible for Mylani to look bad? We may never know after she wears this red sweater top with black skirt and shiny, black Peavey’s! This girl is just delicious!

Olivia in Purple

Here, Olivia is in a charcoal sweater dress, cute little tiger stripe flats and sexy purple tights. The purple tights just hugged her feet and legs, showing off her succulent feet

Nylon in Lingerie

Our Asian cutie Nylon slips on this satin chemise with Sheer Energy pantyhose and Frederick’s of Hollywood fuzzy slippers. Break out the candles and champagne and let the party start!

Nadia in her Black Party Dress

Nadia looks stunning in this little black dress, her strappy heels and Leggs sheer energy pantyhose. She just looks so sexy and hot!

Mylani in a Pink Dress and White Pantyhose

Our petite lovely Mylani models a pink dress with soft white pantyhose and gray heels.  This girl just looks stunning in every thing she wears including pantyhose!  Have you seen her yet in an outfit that you wouldn’t love to take her dainty hosed feet and shapely legs?

New Model Angelina

Angelina is a hot young girl that saw our site and wanted to model.  She has nice, long legs that fit so well in these Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose.  She found a pair of patterned black tights during the shoot and just had to slip them on!  We have a few sets of her ready to post! 

Leilani and Yesenia in the Living Room

These ladies our the biggest hose fans.  Here, they both put on cute little outfits with Yesenia in simple black tights and Leilani in her favorite DIM pantyhose with reinforced toes.  It’s apparent these girls can’t keep their hands off each other when they slide on pantyhose!

Vespera in Danskin

Curvy, voluptuous Vespera slipped on these Danskin ultra shimmery tights and a white shirt for this shoot.  This girl has some real curves!  She puts on a pair of patterned black hose over her shiny tights at the end of the shoot