Nadia at Work

When you work hard, you relax with your shoes off!  Here, Nadia is at work, taking pictures of our models.  She is in a tan dress and pumps along with black patterned tights.  After the shoot, she slips off her heels and relaxes on the blanket at the park then back home in the bedroom. 

Leilani Tied up in Layers

It is no secret that Leilani loves pantyhose. In most of her sets, she is wearing more than one pair. Here, she slips on Peavey Toast and a pair of black patterned tights over them. She has a little fun when she takes off the black tights, ties herself up then uses them as a shirt!

Yesenia & Sheer Together

When ever we put Yesenia and Sheer together, we get sizzle! Pun intended! Here Sheer is in her shocking pink tights and Yesenia in her favorite sheer energy

A Sheer Nightie?

Well, not sheer as in transparent but Sheer is wearing a sexy satin leopard print chemise with tan Leg Avenue pantyhose. They have a french cut panty that looks so awesome with sheer brown skin!

August Calender

For the end of summer, here is Mylani in a light, summer dress and white CK pantyhose.

Nylon Summer

Here is another Asian cutie, Nylon, in her favorite pantyhose, Sheer Energy. She just loves them and we love to see her in them!