Polka Dot Nadia

Nadia is out at the park in a Polka Dot dress, Black heels and a pair of shiny tan Conte pantyhose. She loves to show off her pantyhose legs at the park!

Tiny Nylon in Peavey

Resident petite cutie Nylon slides on a tight skirt, high heels and shiny peavey pantyhose for this set. Those legs and feet with black leather and red is just so hot!

Nikita in Fogal

Nikita is wearing a white maxi dress and sandal to the park in this set. They match her white Fogal tights with pink flowers. The tights and her legs are perfect!

Sexy Real Estate Agent

Here is another theme shoot. Nadia and Nikita have some fun acting out being the sexy real estate lady showing the college girl a new apartment. Nadia is in layers of pantyhose with a sexy skirt and heels. Nikita looks so cute in her Sheer Energy pantyhose and sandals

Madame Butterfly

Our little flower Mylani picked out these butterfly tights with this outfit. She is just so dainty and scrumptuous, you can eat her up!

Leilani in Leopard

We all know that Leilani is an animal when it comes to pantyhose;) Here, she wears a pair of Betsey Johnson tights with cute purple flats and a gray dress. She does bring out your animal insctinct with those legs and feet!

September Calendar

Yes, it is September and time to go back to school! Here, Teacher Sheer and Nurse Yesenia have to drage poor Schoolgirl Nadia out of bed and back to school!