Skullcrusher Sheer!

Sheer just has those athletic legs and feet with great lines and curves! She is in a silver sparkly dress and Leggs Sheer energy. Her skin gives a gret look to the shiny sheer energy

Nadia Rocks!

More form the summer at the park theme. Here Nadia wears some playfull striped tights and heads to the park. We get to see her sexy legs and feet all over

Opaque at the Park

Even though we were doing a summer shoot, Leilani could not pass up these tights with this outfit. Something about her legs and feet in hose in the sun is so special

Bedroom Eyes

Yesenia just loves to be in the bed with satin sheets and pantyhose. Here, she is wearing her standard sheer energy under a pair of black tights with bows. Just so delicious!

February Calendar

For February, we chose Olivia in a great Valentine’s shoot. No need for candy with Olivia’s hosed feet and legs around!

More Sheer Summer

Continuing our Summer theme, here is Sheer in a bright, colorful sundress and shiny, sheer energy pantyhose. Love pantyhose and the outdoors!