Yesenia Black

Just something about opaque, black tights. they really bring out the lines of the legs and feet!

Tutu Much!

Mylani and Yesenia just had to have these little girl tutus when we saw them in the store. Mylani chose white tights to go with her tutu. Of course, Yesenia had to do layers with sheer energy under and black fishnet on top!

White Yesenia

Yesenia looks so sexy in this black dress with white pantyhose. And yes, if you look close, you can see she has on Sheer Energy under!

Lovely Leilani

Here, Leilani just stops by for a visit. She didn’t intend to shoot that day. Of course, she was in her sheer energy pantyhose. I just had to grab the camera

Yesenia is all Business

Leggy cutie Yesenia puts on a white blouse, pencil skirt and tan patterned tights to go with white heels. Of course, Yesenia has sheer energy under her tights ;)

Sheer in Chinese Dress

Here is the voluptuous Sheer in a red silk Chinese dress and sheer black pantyhose. Her legs and feet look so HOT in sheer black

Nadia Red Leggings

Nadia slips on a pair of red leggings over her reinforced toe tan pantyhose

Wedding Dresses

Here, Nadia and Adrianna are going to a wedding. Seeing these outfits, I had to get a few pics before they left.

Jasmine Morning

This is a girl that is friends with one of our models. She came along for a photo shoot and wanted to model so bad! She picked out this sweater dress, argyle tights and cute flats. She has curvy legs!

Yesenia’s Party Dress

The lovely Yesenia kicks off her heels and relaxes in this cute party dress and black patterned tights. Of course she has Sheer Energy underneath